Safety, Security, and Strength


Safety, Security, and Strength

Why should people vote for you?

The citizens of Arkansas should vote for me as Attorney General because I am simply the most qualified candidate. I’m not a career politician. I’ve already spent nearly 25 years in Arkansas courtrooms, fighting for the citizens I now seek to represent. I have dedicated my career to the people of Arkansas by combating corporations who would take advantage of consumers, protecting farmers from deceptive practices, and advocating for folks who have suffered immense loss or hardship. I know the struggles of Arkansans and want to protect them from price gouging, from having their healthcare and hometown hospitals ripped away, and from being denied their basic right to go to the polls and vote. 

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how would you address it? 

Under the current leadership, Arkansans have watched crime skyrocket, have been repeated victims of price gouging, have had their right to vote either threatened or taken away, and have had their local hospitals and schools shuttered. I believe no matter where you live, all Arkansans have the right to hometown healthcare and nearby schools for their children.

We need an attorney general who’s hard on crime and keeps neighborhoods and communities safe from those who would take advantage of them. The Washington insiders that have run this state for far too long would rather waste taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits that can’t be won — all  for attention and political clout. 

They’d also evidently rather waste taxpayer money by airing self–aggrandizing ads that further their personal political goals. As attorney general, I will always be a vigilant steward of taxpayer funds, defend Arkansans’ access to good healthcare and the right to vote, and prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

What’s the first thing you’d like to accomplish if elected? 

I am from the small town of Lead Hill in Boone County. I am not a creature of Washington, and certainly not a longstanding political insider. It is time to clean up the culture of corruption and clean out the self-serving politicians that have dominated politics in Arkansas for far too long. If elected Attorney General, I would restore safety, security, and strength in Arkansas.


Arkansans, especially our children, deserve to live in a safe environment. I want to commit all resources of the Attorney General’s office to combat the ever-evolving world of human trafficking. I envision increased collaboration with federal and state partners, and even with private businesses who report consumer theft as a major funding source for traffickers.

Safety for Communities & Neighborhoods

First and foremost, the Attorney General must always stand shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement, working tirelessly to make our communities and neighborhoods safe. However, this obligation and responsibility is multi-faceted. Attorneys General must be tough on crime, but also invest in education programs to give young Arkansans a vision of a better life. We must push for tough sentences for violent offenders, but take a good hard look at systematic flaws and societal issues that land people in prison in the first place. I strongly believe we must develop a comprehensive plan that keeps the worst of us locked up and away from the public, while also ensuring we do not spend unnecessary tax dollars imprisoning those who could be rehabilitated on their own and become contributing members of society. However, in order to do so, we must also delve deeply into the causes of Arkansas’ horrendous recidivism problem and put forth bold solutions to reduce it. We cannot stop individuals from re-committing their crimes over and over until we understand the factors that lead them to do so. We must be vigilant in our neighborhoods, but also committed to job training and education for the incarcerated to assimilate them after they have served their sentences. As Attorney General, I will address both sides of these issues to make real change and make our communities safer for families and children.

Gun Safety

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment. As a gun owner and a hunter, I support the rights of Arkansans to enjoy one of our greatest resources, our unmatched beauty, and our wildlife. Those opportunities run the gamut in the Natural State. From dove hunting in late summer, to spending time in the deer woods as it gets cooler, to duck blinds and chilly water, we are blessed with some amazing outdoor activities. On the issue of gun safety, I honestly believe that there are more things we as responsible gun owners agree on than we disagree. The question we all want to solve is “How do we keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals?” Do we do nothing?  Or do we do a few things that vast majorities of law abiding gun owners support? As Attorney General, there is no greater responsibility than keeping Arkansans safe. I support taking action instead of doing nothing. I support common sense gun reforms. I believe those who commit violence against others with a gun should face maximum penalties. Arkansans of every age should always be able to go to a picnic, or a mall, or a restaurant without being in jeopardy of being shot.

Human Trafficking

The I-40 corridor that bisects Arkansas is one of the major routes for human trafficking in the United States. No one is immune from the threats posed by human trafficking.  Men, women, and children are often forced into work through coercion or fraud, which may include working on farms, restaurants, hotels, or most commonly, prostitution.  Social media has made human trafficking easier, and often provides the entry point between trafficker and victim. These traffickers are far from disorganized. They are often highly organized and funded by criminal organizations or drug cartels. At the local level, one way these traffickers are able to finance their operations is by establishing organized theft rings. Consumer goods are stolen from local businesses on a startling scale to finance identification, contact, grooming, and ultimate trafficking of victims.

As Attorney General, I will continue utilizing the human trafficking task force and information generated to expand and refine our efforts at combating this horrible act. I will seek partnerships with private businesses to cut down and go after consumer theft to cut off trafficking at its funding source. These partnerships will strike at the heart of human trafficking and reduce the ability of traffickers to pursue their evil purpose. 


Securing Arkansans’ rights and freedoms under attack from all angles. Protecting the right of all citizens to vote their hopes, dreams, and convictions. Protecting Arkansans from harmful disinformation that social media companies allow to be disseminated on their platforms. Protecting rural schools and hospitals that form the economic and social backbone of so many rural communities.

Women’s Healthcare

As Attorney General, and as an officer of the court, I am duty bound to enforce and abide by the law. I cannot pick and choose which laws I like, and which ones I want overturned. I have a deep responsibility to adhere to and enforce the law as it currently stands, regardless of my personal feelings.  

I am lucky to have an amazing wife and two boys that I love dearly. I also have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. I have been blessed with never being in a position to make or discuss making such a momentous decision as one involving termination of a pregnancy. It is such a personal and private decision, with intersecting beliefs regarding science, religion, and morals that are deeply personal and unique to each individual. People of all political stripes value autonomy and freedom from government mandating or influencing those deeply personal and unique beliefs.  Therein lies the conflict upon which my views are based and why I think Roe v. Wade is settled law.  

I believe that I share the desire nearly all people have to reduce the number of abortions performed. However, abortion did not begin with Roe v. Wade, and it will not end with any decision forthcoming by the United States Supreme Court. If Roe is overturned, abortion will merely retreat from being an allowed medical procedure performed by medical professionals to a secret or back alley procedure that is anything but safe.  I believe in the safety of all Arkansans. Abortion is an issue of safety. There are times in which a woman seeks to have an abortion to so that child is not used as a pawn in a domestic violence relationship, to protect the child from violence. Often there are medical conditions and pregnancy issues that threaten the life of the mother and warrant a woman to have an abortion. The majority of women who have abortions in the U.S. are mothers. They have abortions to protect their dependents. As an issue of safety, I wholly support a woman’s right to do what is best for their own well being. As Attorney General, I will be required to uphold the law regardless of whether I agree.

Protecting the Environment

As a gun owner, a fisherman, and a father who appreciates spending time outdoors with my boys, I know the importance of the environment. Arkansas is The Natural State. We Arkansans love the outdoors. We love hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, and canoeing some of the most beautiful landscapes and rivers in the country. The environment needs to be protected so we can continue to enjoy it, so visitors will come to our state, so our children can enjoy the same opportunities we have had.


I am a product of Arkansas public schools, public universities, and law school.  Both of my children attend Arkansas public schools.  My parents both taught in Arkansas public schools for 30 years.  I am a strong supporter of public education in Arkansas.  There is no greater or more important duty incumbent upon state government than providing our children a first class education.   

Covid-19 turned on its head many of the day-to-day activities in our schools.  One lesson that we can and should take from the past two years is that keeping our schools open so our kids can learn, socialize, and grow is of utmost importance.  However, Covid-19 is unpredictable, and local control and flexibility is key.  Act 1002 of 2021, the so-called “mask mandate ban” attempted to strip away that local control and replace it with the detached and distant judgment of bureaucrats in Little Rock. As Attorney General, I will always stand up and support the belief that local leaders and school officials, under the advice of medical doctors and disease experts, should make decisions about how to protect our kids from this predatory disease. They should not be overruled by big time politicians who are motivated by power, money and social media influence. 


Strength through integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. It means not using taxpayer money on your own personal political future. It means strengthening Arkansas from within by holding greedy corporations accountable, by supporting law enforcement, and keeping dangerous weapons away from violent criminals.

Promoting the Economy

Businesses want to locate in states that are visionary, forward-thinking, inclusive, and diverse. This desire for inclusivity and diversity includes both the businesses’ workforces, as well as their current and potential customers.  Businesses also want to locate in states that are fully committed, both in word and deed, to an educated and skilled workforce.  

Too often in the past decade, our state legislature has pursued a social agenda that repelled businesses from wanting to relocate to our state.  As Attorney General, I will advise the legislature of the perils of pursuing an agenda that limits inclusivity and diversity or is outright not supported by the constitution.  As Attorney General, I will also be blunt with the legislature if their agenda puts taxpayer funds in jeopardy via constitutional challenge.

Promoting economy also means being a good steward of taxpayer funds. As Attorney General, I commit every effort to avoiding costly litigation. For far too long, the current Attorney General has used the office to bring forth frivolous lawsuits in an effort to gain political influence and social clout, knowing full well those lawsuits have no merit and will not stand. As your Attorney General, I will ensure litigation is only brought forth if it benefits the people of Arkansas.  

Price Gouging 

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that a state of emergency can catch any and all of us off guard at any time. Declarations of emergency at the local, state, or federal levels trigger Arkansas’ price gouging laws, and forbids sellers from charging more than 10% above pre-emergency prices. As Attorney General, I will pursue violations of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and hold offenders liable to the full extent of the law. Even in non-emergency situations, my staff and I will maintain vigilance over pricing disputes as they arise, and always work to educate the public on best practices to avoid price gouging. I will be diligent in protecting Arkansans from predatory pricing practices.  

Social Media and Data

Online misinformation, particularly in the social media sphere, is one of the greatest current enemies that we must combat. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the Covid-19 era, when misleading information regarding Covid-19 vaccines and advertisements for unproven, harmful, and ineffective treatments were rampant. Big corporations and big tech profit off the spread of misinformation that puts Arkansas families and communities at risk This misinformation also hurts our small businesses and costs our economy. As Attorney General, I will take Facebook and social media companies to court to hold them accountable for profiting on lies at our expense.

Fact Check

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