September 27, 2021

Gibson to Hold Social Media Companies Accountable

Covid-19 Deaths Exceed 675,000
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Covid-19 has taken the lives of 675,000 Americans. Arkansas is approaching 8,000 deaths due to Covid-19 and lags far behind all vaccination benchmarks. Individuals must be given true and accurate information as it relates to the public health and the health and well-being of their loved ones. As Attorney General, Jesse Gibson will protect innocent families and hold big corporations accountable for misinformation and misleading or deceptive advertisements regarding the seriousness of the disease, the efficacy of vaccinations, and unproven and dangerous alternative treatments. Many have lost friends and loved ones to this disease because they were misled about how harmful Covid-19 is, or they were misled into putting their faith into online advertisements for sham cures or treatments. Big tech should not put likes and shares before truth. These are principles Jesse has followed his entire legal career and will bring to the office of Attorney General.

As Attorney General, Jesse Gibson will lead the charge on pushing this still developing area of the law by arguing that by modifying algorithms to spread misinformation because it generates more viewers, more clicks, and more engagements, social media companies have crossed over from “internet service provider” to “internet content provider” and therefore can be held liable for harm caused by misinformation spread across their platforms. Further, social media companies often spread misinformation in marketplaces or in advertised content, which again would not trigger any claims of immunity under applicable federal law. Both components weigh heavily in favor of state attorneys general bringing state law claims against social media companies and challenging any immunity ostensibly granted to the big tech industry.



Jesse Gibson for Arkansas Attorney General Website
May 14, 2021

Jesse Gibson's run for Arkansas Attorney General has a new campaign website. You can reach out about the campaign and why Jesse is running, volunteer your time to help, or donate to the cause.

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